``All men eat, but few can distinguish between tastes.`` (Confucio)

Our Company

New Flavours was born in Umbria, immersed in the uncontaminated nature of this land and surrounded by its extraordinary scents.

Our mission is the production of natural food flavourings, organic food flavourings, extracts, essences and semi-finished products used in the food industry.

We have always been creatively and passionately oriented towards research.

Our team consists of people with a wide range of experience in the food sector. Creative people full of ideas.

A team that includes doctors of chemistry, process engineers, formulation engineers, aroma chemists and dedicated flavouring experts.
This is our strength, which allows us to find solutions to all our customers’ requests.

We understand flavour, always.
This is thanks to our experience as consumers and producers, which we constantly put at the service of the manufacturing and production sector.

In our laboratories we do not use standard aromas: each product is ‘customised’, created ad hoc at the request of the client according to their specific requirements.

Strictly natural or organic raw materials are at the heart of our production processes.

But our real secret is our curiosity.
A curiosity that drives us to constant research.
A curiosity that makes New Flavours a company devoted to innovation.
A curiosity that allows us always to improve.

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New Flavours SRL has received a contribution from the funds POR FESR 2014-2020 – AZIONE 3.4.1 - PIANO DI SVILUPPO E COESIONE FSC EX ART. 44 D.L. N.34/2019 - AVVISO LARGE 2021 - PROJECT TITLE "INNOVATIVE PROCESS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF NATURAL FLAVORS".
New Flavours SRL has received a contribution from the funds "POR FESR Umbria 2014-2020 - Axis III - New tools to promote the internationalisation of Umbrian SMEs - NOTICE TO SUPPORT INNOVATIVE INVESTMENTS 2019" for the realisation of the project 'Innovative creation of TWISTCHEF catering products'.