Through the development of unique flavors, the products of our customers become distinctive and unmistakable.
Our top products are aromas of white and black truffles, mushrooms, vanilla and citrus fruits. Aromas from other common spices complete our offer.
Our product lines are not only designed specifically for the food industry, but also bakers and pastry shops, ice cream parlors, caterers and chefs trust our products.


An important department of our company is dedicated to the development of ready-to-sell end products. We create or optimize formulations that adapt to the market and are economically viable. Our formulations are adapted to our customers' production processes so that the final product remains recognizable, distinctive and stable.


Passion and competence are needed when designing new products and improving existing formulations.
With regard to baked goods, special skills are required, as additional factors such as time, humidity, and temperature play an important role in the production process.
Our laboratory concretizes the expectations of a clientele that is more and more accustomed to new tastes and sensations, but appreciates the authenticity and quality of the products.

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